Through farmer training, We advice farmers on record keeping, animal identification and registration.

The process of officially maintaining livestock ancestry records is referred to as livestock registration.

Procedure for Livestock Registration

  • Interested individuals or enterprises fill in the Kenya Stud Book joining form-giving details on their breed of livestock kept, contacts, physical locality, and they also apply for a herd prefix (the name by which the pedigree herd is known by).
  • On approval of the herd prefix, specific letters are issued to the prospective breeder together with the livestock registration forms.
  • The breeder fills in application for livestock registration form for each animal to be registered and liaises with the Kenya Stud Book or the breed Society on inspection of the stock.
  • He then forwards the duly filled application for livestock registration form to KSB for issuance of registration certificate.
  • A minimal fee is paid for each animal registered depending on the class, breed and sex.


About us

  • The Kenya Livestock Breeders Association (KLBA) is an independent farmers body formed to coordinate and promote livestock breeding and improvement. It is the only national body dealing with livestock registration and milk recording in Kenya.


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