Extension and Training

The Extension and Training Section ensures knowledge transfer to the livestock breeders and entire farming community in livestock sector (cattle, poultry, goat, sheep, deer, rabbit and pig). The main activities include provision of technical advisory services, training and information dissemination, facilitating access to government services, field data collection on record keeping and production, animal identification, socio-economic and agronomic issues among others.

The services are delivered through two divisions:

  • Livestock Extension Section
  • Information and Training Section

These services are carried out through various farmer forums such as exhibitions, shows, field days and workshops. KLBO encourages farmers interested in becoming livestock breeders to form groups so that information can be disseminated easily.

The Key Objectives of this section is to;

  • Professionalise the sector by improving farmers’ knowledge and skills through technical advisory services and training;
  • Improve farm productivity, farmers’ income and welfare;
  •  sector through the adoption of new technologies;
  • Promote value addition to agricultural produce;
  • Enhance food security;
  • Improve linkages among farmer, extension, research and other stakeholders; and
  • Facilitate access to government incentives and services.