About KLBA

The Kenya Livestock Breeders Association (KLBA) is an independent farmers’ body formed to coordinate and promote livestock breeds improvement through consistent livestock recording, breed selection, and genetic evaluation strategies. KLBA runs livestock registration and performance recording schemes through livestock Breed Societies nationally and regionally.


To be the best Livestock Registration and Performance Recording center and bring Livestock Registration and Recording attain International standards of excellence


To improve livestock breeding through effective and efficient livestock registration and performance recording services for improved food security and livelihoods.

What we Do

KLBA executes her mandate through the support of registered livestock breed societies and other partners to offer the following services to livestock breeders and other interested members.


Extension and Training

Through our extension and outreach, we train farmers on the adoption of the best livestock breeding and husbandry practices.

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Breed Inspection and Registration

We provide breed inspections, judging, herd recording, and pedigree registration services through the Kenya Stud Book.

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Performance Recording

The livestock performance recording schemes, help farmers in decision making and avail data to carry out genetic evaluations.

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Reporting and Feedback

We provide various reports and feedback on herds performance to support better livestock planning and management.

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Our Figures

What we've done?

689747Milk Records

What is Required?

Process of being a breeder


Book and appointment with our technical staff to discuss your breeding goals and plans for your farming enterprise.


Application for Membership

The interested farmer/ breeders makes application to KLBA for membership and request for breed registration services.


Breed Identification and Inspection

An accredited livestock breeds inspector visits the farm for identification and inspection of livestock.


Certification of Breeds

The animals inspected and passed are registered. Livestock perfomance records are also certified and published by KLBA.

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